Doug Conant

Director | Producer

Since his earliest adventures with a clunky three-piece VHS camera and a hodgepodge set of Legos, Doug Conant has been passionate about telling stories through motion pictures. An award-winning, story-driven director and writer, he has a passion for substantive entertainment that packs an emotional punch.

The tense drama Broken garnered much attention and praise for its delicate, honest treatment of rape survivors and counselors. The film received overwhelmingly positive reviews and is currently used as a teaching and therapy tool at various crisis centers throughout the United States and in the military.

The coming-of-age mystery Sleeping has shined worldwide on the festival circuit, being honored the winner of several “Best” international awards, including “Best Director” and “Best Film” at the prestigious EuroShorts Film Festival. It was featured on BET’s Lens on Talent series and broadcast nationally on the Aspire Network. Doug is proud to have Sleeping licensed to many schools throughout the U.S., being implemented in English Literature studies to help broaden the imaginations of our children.

In addition to his directing work, Doug has also served as Producer, Production Manager, and Assistant Director on several independent productions. At Warner Brothers Television, with veteran production executive Rick Allen (“Friends”), he was involved in the production of the hit series “Supernatural,” “One Tree Hill,” “Men in Trees,” “Pushing Daisies,” “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” “The Middle,” “The War at Home,” and the award-winning movie-of-the-week Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front. He is also a respected visual story advisor with Show Your Story, aiding independent filmmakers with screenplay analysis and cinematic storytelling consultation.

Doug is recognized for a nuanced style of visual storytelling, strong performances, leadership ability, and creative flexibility. He is currently in development on several feature projects.